Here are some of our Student guitar lesson Testimonials about Matt Baynes School of Music.

My husband and I are so pleased with Music Central and especially, Matt Baynes, the owner. Our teenage son wanted to take guitar lessons and we didn’t know where to begin. We found Music Central in the phone book and called. We couldn’t be more pleased with Matt! Our son really took ¬†guitar lesson from him and has learned so much! We would highly recommend Matt Baynes as an instructor and just an all around great guy.


Matt is an awesome teacher. He’s very patient with me. He’ll let me know were I’m messing things up. He has taught me about theory and phrasing of solos. He even gives me a CD of the guitar lesson so I have something to take home and practice with. Very Cool!!



When I started playing guitar again after 30 years, I wanted to do it right and take guitar lessons. Music Central was right across the street from my work so I decided to start there. Three years later I’m glad I did and here’s why. Matt Baynes; 100% dedicated to teaching guitar. Very patient and will explain in detail the lesson subject. Matt also records his guitar lessons and songs on CD which makes it easier for me to review at home. Lessons are fun and interesting with a mix of theory and songs. Music Central has a friendly, knowledgeable staff along with great pricing; I’ve bought all my gear from them. I would highly recommend Music Central and Matt Baynes.



My son has been taking guitar lessons here for about 3 years. Love Matt and all the staff



THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bass player

The vibe in the shop is so welcoming and helpful, even the shyest musician will feel at home.

Ykawika Kawika