Start Now Before Your bad habits Do!!!!



 All Students are provided with a CD of that days Lesson

and a Folder with the Lesson info that can be

uploaded onto iTunes, listen through Computer,any playstation,Xbox

or just regular cd player. 



Not Just Rock and Roll

  • Jazz

  • Gospel

  •  Classicalmatts guitar room

  • Country Old and New

  • Hard Rock

  • Fusion Improv

  • 50’s 60’s 



Don’t let some of the pics fool you.Yes because of two older brothers there was a lot of Rock and Roll in the house and that is my Influence and love. I also Love all kinds of Music and Teach all kinds of Music. My Guitar Lessons are in four different Curriculums Depending on the needs of the Student. How I teach a 4 year old is completely different how I teach a 14 year old to a 44 year old to a 94 year old. In my Opinion you can’t have one way for all. All students have different styles they want to learn and different Goals. I might have a student that just wants to learn country songs with no lead guitar or walks. Or the opposite I might have a student that wants to learn country but all the picking patterns, walks,Lead guitar playing finger picking and scale options. I have students that want to go to college for music and the school that they have picked out has certain requirements to get in so we must work not on songs anymore but the things that it take to get in that school. Theory,Reading Scaled knowledge whatever it take to get them in. I have shredder students that play in local bands or I have students that are in there community guitar club. So there is no way that a Beginner book came accommodate  all of these different styles and goals.



  What Ages do I take?

  • Youngest is around 4yr (Depends on Maturity)
  • Oldest, Not really sure age really means nothing to me but i think mid 90’s
  • No one should tell you that they are two young or you are two old!
    In my opinion you can get something out of music at any age. I had 4 year olds that maybe don’t practice or take it serious like a 14 year old or 44 year old would but they get introduced to music and Love coming to there Lessons.
    I also have students retired, some in there 90’s and didn’t get the opportunity to play when they were a Kid,Teen or Adult. Watching them Learn and accomplish something exciting and new on there instrument is like they just had Ice cream for the first time in there life LOL. Way Cool!!!!
  • It’s amazing all the different types of personalities and Job titles I have students That are Doctors,Nurse’s,Lawyers,Carpenters,Retired,Home Schooled,Ministers,ect.
  • What I am trying to say is it’s not to late to start having fun again.



I have students that have to read on guitar so they can get in Jazz band for there middle school or High school. By the way just because your child took some reading in 4th grade on the recorder means they know how to read music. A lot of parents don’t understand that it takes years to be able to read just ok on the guitar in all positions of the neck and read all symbols. If the goal is just to have fun, No pressure, Than that’s exactly what I will do.I realize guitar might not be the center of there life like it is mine. They have a lot of activities Football,Baseball,Video Games ext. So my job is to get them playing without the Hardcore studying that might turn them off. The Same goes for Adults to, I have some that just want to sit around the house or maybe jam with a neighbor once and awhile so I take it at there speed. Enough to make them happy but not to much that they get frustrated. Some Adults are just as busy as the kids especially the one who are retired. Golf, Pickle ball,Bike clubs,Dinners with neighbors. So once again I go by there speed and wants but I also let them know if they need to step it up a bit to get to there goals. Students get sometimes complacent with where there at and stag net. It’s my job to keep it fun and learn at the same time. It is truly a balancing act but a lot of fun LOL.